How to start your career as a Blockchain Developer

Blockchain is perhaps the most interesting technology of the current time. Because blockchain is more than just Bitcoin! Those who are interested in the topic have many different opportunities to gain a foothold in this industry. From software developers to engineers and analysts, a wide range of jobs are offered here.

How do you get a blockchain job?

If you want to work on the blockchain or in the field of cryptocurrencies, you have different options. There are now several degree programmes for blockchain programmers and developers. These include, for example, degree programmes such as “Blockchain & Distributive Ledger Technologies”. If you want to approach the topic of blockchain more from a financial perspective, you can also do an MBA in Blockchain Management.

There are also a number of opportunities to learn more about blockchain development online and even get a certificate. Programmes such as Ivan On Tech’s Academy offer newcomers the opportunity to learn blockchain programming.

In addition to programmers, many companies are also looking for graduates with a business background. So it can also be a degree in economics that leads to a job in the field of crypto.

Social media managers are also very often needed to raise awareness of companies and their products. Here you need either training as a social media manager or experience in the media sector.

What skills do you need to be a blockchain developer?

The following picture shows you which skills you should acquire.


In summary, anyone can work in crypto if they take the time to acquire the right skillset.